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National Symbols Of Angola

The national symbols of the Republic of Angola are: the flag, the emblem and the national anthem.


The national flag has two colours distributed in two horizontal bands. The upper band is dark red and the lower one is black in colour.  The dark-red represents the blood shed by Angolans during the period of colonial oppression, the liberation struggle and in defence of the country. The black represents the African continent.

In the centre, there is a figure made up of a segment of cog wheel, which symbolizes the workers and industrial production; a machete, which symbolizes the peasants, agricultural production and the armed struggle; and a star, which symbolizes international solidarity and progress.


The emblem of the Republic of Angola is made up of a segment of a cog wheel and sheaves of maize, coffee and cotton, symbolizing the workers, industrial production, the peasants and agricultural production respectively.

At the foot of the emblem, there is an open book, which symbolizes education and culture; the rising sun, symbolizing the newly-born country. At the centre, there is a machete and a hoe, symbolizing labour and the start of the armed struggle.  Above that is the star, a symbol of international solidarity and progress.

On the lower part of the emblem, there is a gold band with the inscription “Republic of Angola” on it.